Employing Cronkite Interns

Cronkite Career Services offers a formal interview process every semester to meet students for a brief time in a speed-dating/matching format. Space for these internship interview days is limited and is reserved for employers that offer paid internships, are well-established in the market or that meet the school’s requirements for a prospective employer.

Cronkite Internship Interview Days

How it Works

Employers interested in offering internships through our internship interview day should complete the employer application below. All internships obtained through our internship days must be done for academic credit and/or
pay and should be arranged through the school.


Internships Board

If you do not participate in our formal interview day, we will share your opportunity with students on our job board and/or website. Approved positions will be posted within five business days of submission on the

below form. 

NOTE: Only internships that offer students a professional-level news/journalism/communications/media experience and that do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference or religion will be considered for academic credit.



We highly encourage all employers to pay students for their time and to attract top talent. If compensation is not provided, the company must meet the U.S. Labor Department’s seven criteria for an unpaid internship so as to not violate certain provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).


Required Hours & Terms