Journalism Career Guide

There are many careers that can be pursued in the field of journalism, many of which involve digital content, printed publications, broadcast, audio, and public relations. Browse the pages below to learn about these various jobs and Cronkite classes that align with them.

Digital Jobs

Digital journalism commonly entails work with online publications. This includes reporting, editing, creating graphics, and posting on social media.

Social network concept

Broadcast Jobs

Working in broadcast means contributing to a filmed newscast by reporting in front of the camera, producing behind the scenes, and/or overseeing general production.

Live Scene News

Public Relations/Communications Jobs

The public relations team helps an organization improve their overall public image. Responsibilities commonly include creating events and content that will favorably portray the company.

Team Talk

Publications Jobs

Physical publications, such as magazines and newspapers, are often also converted to online versions. Jobs in this industry may require design and layout knowledge as well as copy editing skills.

Business Morning

Audio Jobs

Audio storytelling relies on compelling content that audiences can listen to on various platforms. Positions may entail relaying the news, discussing specific topics, and editing audio files.

Microphone Sound Editing

Sports Media

Jobs in sports media can range from working in newsrooms and TV stations as reporters to working communications for a sports team. Responsibilities include communication, digital and social media, storytelling and general knowledge of the sports industry.

Sports Stadium

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