5 tips to ace your next Zoom interview

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Interviewing for a new job can be nerve-wracking, but interviewing over Zoom? That can feel even more intimidating. Q13 FOX's VP/News Director Erik Breon offers advice on easy ways to adapt your interview habits to really wow employers to get that job offer.

Be Prepared

Nothing shows an employer you're a stand-out candidate like being on time with all your ducks in a row. Before your interview, make sure your camera and microphone are working and that you've designated a comfortable "interview" space. On the day of the interview, be ready to tune-in to the Zoom room a few minutes ahead of time. Have a copy of your resume on-hand that you can reference.

Use a Professional Background

Check your surroundings. Employers can make judgements based on the setting of your interview. You may consider a space with a blank wall or simply decorated wall over a bedroom with posters or other decor. Virtual backgrounds are another popular option, but be sure to avoid anything too distracting or cheesy. Your background shouldn't take away from your interview.

Check Your Shot

Be sure to clear your interview space of any clutter. Be mindful of your lighting and any potential shadows that may cast on you. Check your framing. You should be the most interesting part of your video feed. Make sure your video is steady. If you're using a mobile device, use a tripod, or try to prop it up against something so your video feed doesn't shake while you're interviewing.

Dress Professionally

Just like an in-person interview, employers want to see you dress your best via Zoom. Give yourself adequate time to get ready before your interview. Appearance details like wet or unbrushed hair or food in your teeth could be distracting to employers and signal that you're unorganized or lack time management skills. Being well-dressed and can also help you get into a professional mindset to ace your interview.

Avoid Background Distractions

Employers want to learn about you, so don't let any distractions in your environment take away from your interview. Mute your phone and computer notifications. Make sure the TV volume is turned low or is off. Try to get out of arms reach of a pet. Let others in your household know you will be in an interview so they can plan to give you space and avoid walking into your shot or make too much noise.

To learn more, stream the full interview with Erik Breon here. This workshop was originally recorded during the Summer 2020 Adapt & Conquer series hosted by the Cronkite School.

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