7 ways to Maximize Your Career Search

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

By Jazzmon Cobb, former Cronkite Career Services Student Worker

Finding a job can be a strenuous process: scrolling through endless sites, filling out application after application, finding a position that suits your needs. Sometimes, it’s even difficult to locate a starting point. For many graduates transitioning into the “real world,” entering the workforce can be overwhelming, to say the least. While on the hunt for your next opportunity, consider using these 7 tips to maximize your results:

  1. Diversify the job titles While searching for your desired position, try using different variations of your job title. Many times, the career or position you want could be disguised by a name you are unfamiliar with. This tip is especially useful when searching dense job board websites; it not only weeds out opportunities that fit you, but also may deliver relevant options you weren’t expecting to find or consider. For example, rather than simply searching the term “Journalist” or “Journalism jobs,” try terms like “Reporter,” “Content Creator,” “Broadcast,” “Communications,” “Digital Producer,” or “Writer/Editor” etc.  

  2.   Go directly to the company site Another effective strategy when applying or searching for a job is to visit the organization’s website. Often, if you scroll down to the bottom of their home page, there will be a small “Careers” or “Employment Opportunities” link that directly offers the positions the company has available versus the sometimes-outdated job boards.

  3.  Pay attention to your surroundings Your dream job might be staring you in the face…literally! The buildings you walk or drive past every day could be filled with potential employers. While searching, it may be useful to keep a running list of names you see on corporate offices or local businesses. If you want to work in a specific area, take note of the businesses you see and do some research, especially ones that are unfamiliar or draw your attention. Who knows—they may have a job opening!

  4. Utilize your Linked In network The main function of LinkedIn is to connect with your professional peers and network on a digital platform. While looking for the next opportunity, take a gander at your online connections and reach out; you may come upon more leads for jobs in your field of interest.

  5. Let Everyone Know It may be beneficial to make people aware you are available and actively searching. Broadcast the information to friends, family, colleagues and so on. That way, they can not only spread the word but also keep you in mind if they catch wind of potential opportunities that suite your skills and expertise.

  6.  Use career service resources Similar to number five, if you are part of an organization with career services resources, try exploring their opportunities. This can range from visiting the office team, your local community center, or online platforms and databases that specialize in aiding job seekers. Fortunately, ASU students have access to HandShake, an awesome online career planning tool that connects us directly to internship and job postings. If you haven’t already, make a profile and survey the numerous nationwide openings the website offers.

  7.   Remember, have patience! Completing dozens of applications each day can easily become mentally and physically exhausting. In addition, the pressure to find a job can create even more stress for recent graduates. However, it is essential to have patience with the process; in many cases, companies take weeks to review applications for a single opening. Furthermore, don’t let the number of rejections discourage you from giving up or settling—as long as you are constant and believe in yourself, the right opportunity will find you. 

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