Best practices to follow for your Online Portfolio

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Having an online portfolio is an important tool to help you stand out to future employers and recruiters. But is your content well-organized and easy to find? Here are some best practices to follow to make your website shine.

Highlight your best work

Your online portfolio should show recruiters and employers your best stuff. Include your own original content that is relevant to your professional brand. Your website can include photos, videos, audio projects, stories and blog posts. But, don't go overboard. Don't make website visitors hunt through pages and pages of content. Plus, the more content you pack into your website, the slower your website will load.

When showcasing video or audio samples, don't make users download your content. (This is a bad user experience!) Be sure to use a third-party platform to host your multimedia content and embed it on the page. Popular platforms include YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo.

Update & review often

Your online portfolio is a living, breathing representation of your professional brand, so make sure to update your website often. Consider making an update at the end of every semester. Add new work samples, update your Resume and refresh your About Me pages. Also, be sure to check how your website looks on different platforms. How does it flow when looking at it on an iPhone? How about an Android? Does it work well on a tablet? You never know how someone may stumble upon your website!

Devil in the details

Be mindful of important style details, like color and font choices, when building your website. These could be the make or break details that make some stay and explore your website, or make others hit that exit button.

Here are some style tips to consider:

  • Use a font that is easy to read and choose a front size that at least 11 point. Avoid script fonts, or fonts that are too thin or too thick.

  • Use bold, italics and highlights for emphasis. Avoid using the underline function, unless it's to indicate a hyperlink, as this is a bad website practice.

  • Be sure to choose colors that contrast. If your background is dark, choose a light font color. Visa-versa, if your background color is light, choose a dark font color.

Consistency is key

Be consistent. Be sure to use the same font colors, sizes and styles on all of your pages. Check for proper spelling and grammar.

Have another pair of eyes look over your online portfolio. Ask a friend, colleague, mentor, or book an appointment with anyone on the Cronkite Career Services team for a 1:1 Online Portfolio Review session.

To learn more about these and other best practices, stream the full discussion here. This workshop was originally recorded during the 2020 Fine Tune Friday series hosted by the Cronkite School.


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