Do You Want To Become A Digital Ninja?

Cronkite’s Digital Audiences Minor Can Take You There

In a recent staff meeting our dean, Christopher Callahan, posed the question: “Do they want to be writers or do they want to be "read writers?” This was in response to a professor’s concern on what to tell students who typically shy away from digital courses and often say “I just want to write.”

In today’s market, a good story is no longer enough and goes beyond mere words on a page or a screen. That good story has to be pitched and written strategically to a specific audience at a certain time with a unique headline and just the right length to keep readers’ attention.

To those who “just want to write,” I can assure you there’s still plenty of creativity blended with a healthy dose of strategy in creating top quality journalistic content. So, how exactly will you get the right message to the right audience at the right time?

Enter the Cronkite School’s minor in digital audiences.

Is this minor right for you?

Benefits: This one is simple. You WILL learn to become a writer whose work is actually read. You’ll also:

  • Explore the users of websites, social networks, and apps.

  • Apply skills such as analytics, social media execution, network analysis, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

  • Use real cases from real brands and organizations to harness analytics that drive organizational change.

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