Google Yourself | Personal Branding 101

Source: Original Content by Jennifer Kaplan, from this Wix Blog.

Did you know that approximately 70% of recruiters turn down candidates based on information found online?

"So, you’ll want to pay close attention to this. Do an audit of your online information and clean up any photos, videos, articles and other content that might negatively impact your personal branding. You can manually go into your social channels to do this, or turn to a software such as BrandYourself to clear the unwanted information from search results."
  • Become more relatable. In other words, become more ‘human’ and less ‘markety’ by revealing more about yourself.

  • Establish an identity. Personal branding will ensure that people know what to come to you for, and that they will be able to rely on you for specific things.

  • Get more opportunities. With a strong brand, you will most likely be exposed to more interviews, job offers, promotions, contacts, clients, event hosting gigs, and more.

  • Differentiate yourself. A brand will allow you to show off unique characteristics about yourself that set you apart from others in your area of specialization.

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