May 2021 grads: These 4 things can help you enter the job market

Graduation is quickly approaching for Cronkite Nation May and August graduates. Searching for your first job can feel daunting and overwhelming. The Cronkite Career Services team is here to help you confidently enter the job market.

Here are some steps to help you put your best foot forward:

Workshop your resume

A strong resume is an essential tool to have while job hunting. Is your resume formatted in the best way to sell your skills? We recommend getting a second pair of eyes on your professional materials, including resumes, cover letters, online portfolios and broadcast reels, before hitting that "apply" button.

Did you know: A resume and cover letter should be tailor-made to every job you apply for! It's important to read a job description closely to understand what skills the company is looking for so you can highlight your talents effectively in your application materials.

Schedule a meeting with any member of our Cronkite Career Services team for a 1:1 review of your professional materials.

Meet with recruiters

Recruiters from all types of markets schedule visits with the Cronkite School during the spring semester to scout talent for their open, entry-level positions. Getting in front of these recruiters can help you land a full-time job before graduation day! We recommend meeting with several recruiters in your final semester at the Cronkite School.

Do you know how to read a contract? Be sure to understand what a contract really says before you sign on the dotted line. View our contract guide or contact someone on our team for assistance.

Explore our upcoming recruiter visits on our website. Please note: All recruiter visits at the Cronkite School will be hosted on Zoom for the spring semester.

Grow your network

Creating a robust network of professionals in the media industry is a must. Who you know can help you get an edge when applying for an open position. We recommend to connect with fellow Cronkite Nation grads on LinkedIn in our alumni group and on other social networking platforms. Don't be shy! Sun Devils stick together.

Current Cronkite School students and alumni are encouraged to attend our monthly networking workshop: The 4:15. Meet four successful Cronkite School alumni individually in 15-minute windows. Bring your questions and make new connections! Learn more about The 4:15 on our website.

Apply for fellowships

Unsure of where to start your career? Making the transition from full-time student to full-time employee can be rocky. We recommend applying for a fellowship program. Fellowships provide graduates a foot in the door to the media industry and are designed to help young professionals work out the kinks from classroom to newsroom.

Did you know: Fellowship programs are ideal for recent graduates and entry-level professionals with less than 3 years of experience in the industry. Fellowship positions are generally full time and come with benefits.

View open fellowship listings on our website.


About Cronkite Career Services:

Every year, the Cronkite Career Services team places nearly 500 students in internships at more than 225 companies both locally and around the country including national media organizations such as NBC, CBS, CNN, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times and ESPN to name a few. Several media companies visit the school each semester to interview graduating students for jobs in major newsrooms. In addition to hosting internships, recruiters, and several networking events the team also provides Cronkite students with comprehensive professional branding and career planning services including: resume sessions, portfolio reviews, LinkedIn optimization strategies, and interview preparation. Visit the Cronkite Career Services website for more information.

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