Self-Improvement Shouldn’t Stop at Graduation

By Jazzmon Cobb, former Cronkite Career Services student worker

For many of us, graduation symbolizes the completion of our professional education. That fantastical moment where we walk across the stage justifies years of intense studying, rigorous schedules, and evolving self-discipline. We are no longer students; we are professionals. Nonetheless, taking advantage of learning opportunities shouldn’t end after former students switch their tassels from right to left—and neither should the perseverance that got us through college. As a fellow graduate, here are some qualities of the college experience I believe are important to conserve:

Be a student of life

Stay open and willing to learn. Whether it’s a new hobby or professional skill, it’s important to hold onto that curious and accessible mindset.

Never fear—your organization abilities are here

Balancing class, work, and internships while maintaining a social life is an art form of its own. However, after college we exchange the term papers for daily reports and classes become business meetings, in addition to new social obligations. The same devices we use to stay above water while swimming in undergraduate responsibilities are also beneficial for professional and personal time-management post-grad.

Stay with It Even in the Most Stressful Moments

Beyond a running joke, many graduates may have contemplated dropping out of college during the challenging points of their academic experience.

Nonetheless, in those moments we reached down and pulled a unique motivation from within ourselves, a motivation that allowed us to power through the ups and downs of academia. As we transition into new life goals, remember they will also compel new motives. Keep that same spirit of perseverance during career or personal trials.

Patience is Key

Overall, the process to obtain a degree is long, but key achievements following graduation may take just as much time. Likewise, we should never lose sight of our dreams, even if they require a great amount of time and patience. Why? Because graduation proves that eventually, with enough hard work and dedication, our dreams will come true.

While it is essential to celebrate our accomplishments, graduation is only the beginning. The years ahead are promising, but to survive the unique challenges of life maintaining the attitude of a student can benefit us in the long run. 

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