Should You Include Your GPA On Your Resume?

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Here's What Communications Experts & Your Cronkite Career Services Team Have To Say

“Do Grades Matter?” 

The age-old question was posed on yesterday’s LinkedIn Daily Rundown as part of a post by Glenn Leibowitz, Director of External Relations, Greater China at McKinsey & Company.

You’ve worked hard in your academic career, why not show it off by listing your GPA on your resume? According to Leibowitz, grades, in fact, do not matter when it comes to getting a job or indicating future success in life.  

You should be immensely proud of all your academic accomplishments and the work that you’ve produced. However as it relates to showcasing that work via your GPA, the article and a  2016 Pew Research Center survey further suggest that future employers will be looking for more for emotional intelligence. They’ll be seeking skills such as communication, teamwork, working with technology, especially in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

Leibowitz is not the only professional to share this point-of-view. I recently attended the PR Now and Next Conference in Chicago where Career Builder’s Director of Public Relations, Mike Erwin, also urges students to ditch their GPA on resumes.

“It’s self-serving and most employers won’t care what grades you got as long as you can perform the job,” he said.

While the decision to list your GPA on your resume is ultimately a personal choice, here’s how the Cronkite Career Services team breaks it down.

Recent Graduates

Resumes are used to get you to the next step- the interview. If you are looking to land your first media job out of Cronkite and have a GPA of 3.70 or higher, we recommend listing it. While a GPA doesn’t necessarily translate to how well you can perform a job, it can show focus, discipline and the ability to learn and retain.

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Mid-Senior Level Career

If you have been out of school for about two or more years, we recommend not listing your GPA as your professional experience and career level indicates your demonstrated ability to perform the related job you’re seeking.  

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