Summer Internship Survival Guide

1. Go Big or Go Home

The sports media students are likely familiar with ESPN’s mantra “don’t just meet expectations, exceed them.” This can and should be applied to every professional experience you have from internships to your first gig out of Cronkite. Aside from the obvious of meeting deadlines try to meet them early and with a new twist or process that helps the team or company operate more efficiently. Don’t get fouled by being cocky, but show your supervisor that you can contribute unique skills and solutions outside of the general job description.

2. Always Be Curious

Aside from the alphabet networks, one of the ABCs of the media industry could be summed up as “always be curious.” At this point in your Cronkite career, you’ve likely learned the art of interviewing, so why not apply that to your internship? Ask relevant questions when you don’t understand a process or general questions on how and why things operate at your company. This shows your genuine interest in the field and the company culture. The kicker, you may even discover an even better solution that you can bring to the table, which may get you noticed by someone in the position to hire you later on.

3. Build Your Brand

What do you want to be noticed for? While you may not be the “team captain” quite yet, you’re still a valuable member of the team. Whether you’re creative, reliable, collaborative, communicative or innovative (all traits to strive for) always represent yourself as a professional in dress, on social media, and in your interpersonal communication.

Attire: Ever notice what pro and college athletes wear to press conferences or when traveling? Usually, it’s a nice suit or business attire. Guess what? Playing the game is their profession and to be taken seriously they dress the part of a professional.

Tip: Always err on the side of overdressed.

Social Media: This is 100% an extension of your personal brand. Be genuine, but never post anything that is hurtful or derogatory to others or yourself.

Tip: Once it’s on the internet, it will live forever. Even deleted posts can be screen shot and saved and archived, so use your best judgment in this space.

Interpersonal Communication: You’re learning the art of mass communication here at Cronkite, but 1:1 communication is also key to earning the respect of your professors, classmates, and supervisor. Always be respectful when communicating, use eye contact and if sending a message via text or email, check your spelling and grammar.

Tip: Don’t just use spell check on the body of your email, but check it on your subject line as well. Grammarly is a great tool that will do this automatically for you.

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